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Visual Paradigm for UML Standard Edition 10.2 Build 20131007 64-Bit & 32-Bit Download Torrent

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Review: Visual Paradigm UML Standard Edition is a professional program that enables users to create UML diagrams and generate code from diagrams implemented. While it is packed with a wide range of features, it sports a clean and simple interface that allows users to choose between different types of diagrams (class, use case, sequence, collaboration, state, activity, component layout). What? Moreover, the program can generate code from UML diagrams and offers support for a variety of programming languages, namely Java reindeer, Delphi, Ruby, Python, C + +, Perl, PHP, and others. Visual Paradigm UML Standard Edition has a range of tools designed specifically to help you to create and customize the layout diagrams. You can create multiple charts, import information from a variety of file formats (eg XML, XLS) to conduct search operations, undo or redo your actions, zoom in or out, and use basic editing tools, such as a cut, copy, paste, delete, or copy the selected data. Other important features worth mentioning that allow users to create tags and design reports that can be exported to HTML, PDF or DOC file formats. Regarding export options, you can print the information it receives, or exported to XLS, XML or other formats. Plus, the scheme will be entered into a video file. In addition, you can draw diagrams requirement to communicate between team members, the design of UML diagrams in your favorite IDE (which offers support for Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ and Visual Studio) to perform code generation and code reversion operations in a single environment, and designing a database entity relationship diagram (eg MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Derby, Informix, Firebird). Last but not least, is the ability to use a variety of modeling tools (eg, to determine the differences between models, a new model of their language) to create a dictionary that contains words and phrases that used in the project list, and allow development group members have access to the protected Diagrams (Visual Paradigm job Server, SVN, CVS, or ClearCase Perforce). Overall, Visual Paradigm UML Standard Edition offers a complete set of tools to help users design UML diagrams and generate source code from them. Because it provides a number of advanced features, it is particularly suited for advanced users.

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