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Omega Messenger Download Torrent

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Torrent Size: 14 mb
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Info Hash: 4c368d40ba1a28294db04343a3f8507a1ad849b6

Category: Internet|Chat|Instant Messaging
Developer: Omega Expert
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Review: Omega Messenger is an instant messaging facility allows you to chat with your contacts Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger. There have been many similar applications on the market, but Omega Messenger is a bit different, because it's only interface is simple and minimal. However appearance is terrible and although applications to help serve its purpose, it? It's far from what you might expect from the instrument. It looks old and outdated and you may even need a few minutes to learn how to use the program. First of all, you need to configure your Yahoo, WLM, AIM or ICQ account and nothing else to do but to enter a user name and password. What? This is basically the entire screen configuration, so that all the features are grouped together in the monitor nh the right. While also providing support conference also includes Omega Messenger emoticons and test basic Yahoo and Hotmail e-mail account, thus allowing the user to know ground when a new email in their inbox. In addition, a tool for file transfer are also available, and so is a library to access the recorded conversation earlier ,. In addition, Omega friends remains a core piece of software and you can see, it contains a very limited number of features. That said, the only Omega Messenger is an interesting idea, but needs a lot of important improvements to become a leading product. It? It is stable and reliable, but no more important features and an attractive interface.

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