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REFlex (After Effects Plugin) 3.1.6 Download Torrent

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Developer: RE:Vision Effects, Inc
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Review: RE: Flex is an After Effects plug-in designed to help you make the transition images with minimal effort. It takes advantage of the features of After Effects and increase their use with an intuitive interface. The main purpose of this plugin is to add animacióny transition effects for your projects. This package actually includes three plugins that can handle morph, warp and morph effects movement. All with After Effects mask geometry to achieve a jump in a smooth animation, not polygonal. Flex Warp allows you to distort the image of determining the geometric origin and destination of each frame. You can specify a value for each combination of object animation. If you need to become part of the film, the Flex Morph tool starts by creating a set of geometry images first. In order to generate a morph effect need to move the frame geometry of the rest of the animation. Motion Morph is a combination of the first and the plug-in allows you to morph between two moving sequences. The tool uses two sets of geometríay can animate individual frame to achieve the desired transition. Although it is clearly designed for experienced users, the plugin has the advantage of using After Effects interface. This greatly reduces the learning curve and allows users to start working with all the features shortly after installation. Documentation included are extensive, including stepping samples and video illustrating the effect. RE: Flex is a useful tool to increase the warp and transform effects to your video that can simplify your task when it comes to animation in After Effects.

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