martedì 14 gennaio 2014

Look n Stop Firewall 2.07 64-Bit & 32-Bit Download Torrent

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Torrent Size: 812 mb
Files: 3
Info Hash: 11e33eaa8e31030ce48cd0778bb6dd4f9479c1be

Category: Security|Firewall
Developer: Soft4Ever
Size: 812 MB

Seeds: 149
Peers: 89
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Review: When a virus is detected in your computer security system automatically takes immediate action and the threat off. But you should give some thought to the possibility that its presence in the system, it can be collected and sent Persons; linear information to another computer. Misuse of personal information occurs, Look Stop Firewall designed. It? SA security software that monitors outgoing and incoming data from the network card and is able to prevent any transfer. View Stop Firewall is easy to set up and get to work immediately after installation is complete. In terms of how it works, it is quite simple. When an application is installed on your computer tries to access the Internet and you will be notified and asked to choose whether you want to allow to join or not. In normal mode, when you decide to access a restricted application, you will not be prompted again. Fall is so until you can access it provides hand. If Look Stop Firewall is running in advanced mode, you get two extra options: you can give or limit access only numerous, mi until you start Windows. View Stop Firewall displays a universal interface and is easy to use. But if you are an advanced user the intricacies of how to prevent malicious attacks understand, then you will get r this tool to use with full performance. The program allows you not only rearrange existing filters and change, but also your own creation, according to the potential threats that you might face in any environment. View Stop Firewall but also information about all the filter pack supplied. This way, you can see if certain rules are misapplied and affect the proper operation of other programs such as FTP client. Being a versatile and highly adaptable security tool, you can make sure your mind Stop Firewall good use.

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