giovedì 6 marzo 2014

iPhone PC Suite Download Torrent

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Review: iPhone PC Suite is an application for mobile phones that you can use to manage and edit Type of content from your personal computer to your iPhone device. It is suitable for people who are continuously connected to their iPhone and expenses A lot of time? Play! With content in it. After a brief installation process that verifies if you have iTunes installed on your computer (and Since it if you are), you see the interface simple yet attractive iPhone Compatible PC, with a bunch of colored buttons (files, apps, photos, documents, and the disabled) and tabs ( management system, the media, community improvement). Each feature is pretty self klarigantaj. You can download and upload images from your computer to your iPhone, as well as to access and manage the camera, contact, eBooks, Text SMS, call information The records and notes. In addition, you can send SMS messages from your computer through iPhone backup and restore files and folders, and many others. When playing around with the software that you might not see any major problems But sometimes use may take more time than usual to perform a variety of tasks, especially if you are running Windows 7. Moreover, it seems to be a problem with iPhone PC Suite and some anti-virus and Anti-malware solutions such data can occur, but the tool itself works of art Beautiful perfectly. However, iPhone compatible PC can be used by anyone who owns an iPhone and want to management in its own way very simple, while also highlighting the good interface The.

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